Clyde Theatre Renovations

Once a movie theatre, the Clyde Theatre draws national music acts to the delight of residents in northern Indiana. “The Baldus Company was tasked with blending traditional and original architecture with cutting-edge digital electronic signage and lighting” said owner George Baldus. “We chose a 20-foot custom curving display to accompany two retro-inspired LED marquee signs.” A 61’ tall steel and aluminum spire was also built locally from historic drawings and upgraded with LED channel letters and multi-color RGB lighting effects.

“We consider the digital sign a vital part of our advertising strategy. It allows us to advertise our concerts, in a dynamic and eye-catching way, to the over 25,000 drivers who pass by every day. It has been so effective that we don’t have to rely as heavily on “traditional media” advertising as we would have without it. We have people stopping by on a daily basis to take pictures of the signage, and our marquee has become an iconic symbol in our region.”